Midwest Ski Journal 2020 resolutions

In January 2019, MSJ resolved to be better about three things in our annual New Year’s resolutions column

In 2020, we plan to do the same, but first, let’s take a look back. 

How’d we do on 2019’s resolutions? 

  1. Enjoy the ride to the hill
  2. Get unspoiled about snow
  3. Celebrate all skiers

1. Enjoying the ride came easy again in 2019. I embarked on a few long drives in different vehicles and of varying lengths. Each time was with a different-sized crew as well. The drives were mostly easy, despite all three being in a snowstorm. Resolution resolved. 

2. It was a mostly unspoiled season for me last year, so I accidentally resolved this one. I found that my quiver of skis was perfect for conditions I rode here and out west. Riding those tough, icy, Midwest days makes the deep days that much better. 

3. This one is harder to quantify, but I think it was resolved, overall. I shared many chairs with newcomers and 80-somethings alike. I shared more chairlift stoke and judged less, too. I didn’t say I stopped judging, altogether though. Nobody’s perfect.

2020 resolutions

In 2020 I resolve to do all of those things again, but I’ll add three more to the list. 

Slow down

I think this could be applied to almost every aspect of my life, but I want translate it to the hill, too. 

I resolve to slow down on the hill and enjoy a few more turns. Especially when you’re looking at 140 vertical feet, you need to make the most of it. I charge way too many Midwest laps. 

Budget better

I get so excited to ski that I forget about the modesty of my income. I high-roll too often at resorts, especially out west where it’s all so expensive. It’s hard not to.

I want to pre-pack lunches so I don’t spend $20 on a bowl of chili and I want to pre-pack beers for a parking lot apres, instead of running up a triple-digit bar tab while still wearing my boots. 

Pack lighter

This might not apply for everyone, but I’m a serial overpacker. I justify every extra sweater and pair of pants when I pack by envisioning impossible scenarios. What happens if I’m invited to some oil baron’s ski-in, ski-out mansion for a dinner party? What will I wear?

If that occurs, I’ll just have to make do. There is no reason for me to lug as much stuff as I do on my ski trips. This year, I want to go light and make the most of what I’ve got. 

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