Freeride World Tour sticking to one continent in shortened 2021 campaign

The Freeride World Tour will return for a 2021 season, but with fewer stops.

After the pandemic ground the 2020 tour to a halt, this year’s tour will look a lot different and stick to one continent. Andorra, Austria and Switzerland will host this year’s three events, which will all take place within the span of a month.

Aymar Navarro is consistently one of the most exciting skiers on the tour. Don’t miss his runs. (Freeride World Tour)

In past years, the tour has started in Japan and British Columbia, but not during the pandemic-shortened season.

Starting this weekend, Andorra will kick off the season with a weather window between Feb. 20 and 26. Then, the tour will head to Fieberbrunn, Austria from March 6 to 12. Finally, the Verbier Xtreme will close out the tour between March 20 and 28.

I’ve celebrated this tour for years as my favorite cross section of my two loves: Skiing and sports. It’s really a fun broadcast to watch and the athletes are incredible under tough conditions. Here’s what we know going into this strange season.

How did we finish in 2020?

Men’s Ski: 1st – Isaac Frelund (USA), 2nd – Kristofer Turdell (SWE), 3rd – Andrew Pollar (USA)

Women’s Ski: 1st – Arianna Tricomi (ITA), 2nd – Hedwig Wessel (NOR), 3rd – Jaclyn Paaso (USA)

Men’s Snowboard: 1st – Nils Mindich (USA), 2nd – Victor De Le Rue (FRA), 3rd – Sammy Luebke (USA)

Women’s Snowboard: 1st – Marion Haerty (FRA), 2nd – Michaela Davis-Meehan (NZE), 3rd – Erika Vikander (USA)

More stops in 2021?

Only three tour stops have been confirmed in Andorra, Austria and Switzerland, but on its website, the Freeride World Tour says it is still looking for ways to add more.

If they are able to do that, they could change the format in a number of ways. Find the whole breakdown on their site.

Wild cards and rider lists

Men’s Ski:

  • Andrew Pollard (USA)
  • Aymar Navarro (SPA)
  • Blake Marshall (NZE)
  • Carl Regner Eriksson (SWE)
  • Carl Renvall (SWZ)
  • Cooper Bathgate (CAN)
  • David Deliv (SWE)
  • Drew Tabke (USA) (Snowboard, too!)
  • Isaac Freeland (USA)
  • Jamesa Hampton (NZE)
  • Kristofer Turdell (SWE)
  • Leo Slemett (FRA)
  • Mael Ollivier (FRA)
  • Ray McDermott (USA)
  • Reine Barkered (SWE)
  • Ross Tester (USA)
  • Sam Lee (NZE)
  • Tao Kreibich (AUS)
  • Tom Peiffer (CAN)
  • Wadeck Gorak (FRA)
  • Yann Rausis (SWZ)

Women’s Ski:

  • Arianna Tricomi (ITA)
  • Elizabeth Gerritzen (SWZ)
  • Hedvig Wessel (NOR)
  • Juliette Willmann (FRA)
  • Maude Besse (SWZ)
  • Tracy Chubb (USA)
  • Zuzanna Witych (AUS)

Men’s Snowboard

  • Blake Moller (USA)
  • Camille Armand (FRA)
  • Cody Bramwell (UK)
  • Drew Tabke (USA)
  • Gigi Ruf (AUS)
  • Hugo Serra (FRA)
  • Jonathan Penfield (USA)
  • Michael Mawn (USA)
  • Nils Mindnich (USA)
  • Sammy Luebke (USA)
  • Victor De Le Rue (FRA)

Women’s Snowboard:

  • Claire McGregor (NZE)
  • Erika Vikander (USA)
  • Manuela Mandl (AUS)
  • Marion Haerty (FRA)
  • Michalea Davis-Meehan (NZE)
  • Nuria Catsan Baron (SPA)

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