Conditions report: Chasing sun and smiles

Conditions are fun if you play the sun on our Midwest hills during this season-threatening warm snap.

At Welch Village this weekend, it was a tale of two ski areas. The first was an iced-over Friday night adventure that was short-lived and forgettable.

Just a few hours later, however, on Saturday, the sun-baked slopes of Welch Village were soft and warm, offering big smiles and bigger airs.

Heading to Welch Village’s Back Bowl on a sunny March Saturday. The snow was soft all afternoon long.

At this point in the season, we’re skiing for sun in the Midwest. No matter where you buckle ‘em up, watch the weather for clear skies and let the sun do its work for a few hours before getting out there. First tracks aren’t going to be your best and anything after dark will be hard.

My recommendation: Aim for a leisurely afternoon for your remaining Midwestern turns.

It’s still great out there. Go patronize your ski hill to give them one more boost this season. Our weekends are numbered, so go get it while you can.

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