Sunny turns alert! Midwest meltdown is on, but this weekend should be great

The Midwest meltdown is officially on this week with temperatures and a forecast that could spiral our 2020/2021 season.

As far north at Lutsen and Mt. Bohemia, temperatures will tickle the mid-40s this weekend into early next week. Near the Twin Cities, temperatures are expected to near 60 degrees. Make sure you go chase that sun this weekend on our Midwest hills!

Two pond skippers wait their turn on a warm, sunny day at Welch Village.

Backyards buried in a foot of hard-packed snow two weeks ago are nearly bare already – a true sign that our true winter is over. Stay tuned, of course, for our “State Tournament snow” and the April blizzard to which we have become accustomed.

Minneapolis-based Meteorologist Cody Matz did a great breakdown on why and how the Midwest spring has become colder due to climate change. Check it out here.

Here’s a look at the high and low temps over the next 5 days across the region: (Source: National Weather Service)

MSP Airport: High of 60 Sunday, low of 25 Thursday night.

Mt. Bohemia: High of 41 Monday, low of 14 Friday night.

Lutsen: High of 44 Sunday, low of 17 Friday night.

Marquette, MI: High of 45 Sunday, low of 15 Thursday night.

Madison, WI: High of 55 Monday, low of 18 Thursday night.

Grand Rapids, MI: High of 51 Monday, low of 19 Saturday night.

Detroit, MI: High of 54 Monday, low of 20 Thursday night.

Those high temperatures are not great news for the snowpack, but they will make for some awesome turns this weekend in the sun. Go soak it up, flatlanders! Chasing sun is the next best thing.

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