LINKing Turns: Fighting ‘Mountain Angst’, cable-car diplomacy in Russia and Northern Michigan Alpine

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in LINKing Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week. 

This week we look at five ways to fight against your yearning for the mountains from a fellow Midwesterner. Then, we look at a symbolic cable-car between Russia and China before praising the announcement of a college alpine program on the UP.

TURN 1: 5 Ways To Curb “Mountain Angst” While You’re At Work (Matt Lorelli/Unofficial Networks)

This piece really hits home for the Midwest skier, and that’s probably because Lorelli comes out at a Midwesterner in the first sentence.

I sit at a cubicle for 8+ hours a day in the dreary Mid-West. You can bet your ass that I day-dream ~100% of the time that I’m on a mountain, no matter the season. But, sometimes day-dreaming just isn’t enough. Here are five things I do to fight-off my angst of wanting to be in the mountains.

Matt Lorelli/Unofficial Networks

He has five tips including planning your next trip and watching ski videos to avoid daydreaming at work.

A great piece to help you scratch your itch, as he puts it.

TURN 2: World’s first Cross-Border Cable Car To Connect Russia And China (Michael Muchacho/SnowBrains)

This SnowBrains write-up about this effort at ski lift diplomacy is fantastic. It’s a great summary of the project, which is more meaningful than just this really cool rendering.

Blagoveshchensk Cable Car Terminal. (UNStudio via SnowBrains)

The Amur River, river which will be crossed by the cable car, defines the natural boundary between Russia and China. During winter the river freezes, acting as a meeting point and supporting trade, commerce, social connection and a growing relationship between the two cities since the 19th century.

The whole Journey has been designed in a way that, as the architects have said, “is an expression of cultural identity and a podium for the intermingling of cultures”.

Michael Muchacho/SnowBrains

Seeing ski lift-style public transportation in places other than the alpine is great. I don’t know why it’s so interesting to me. Perhaps it’s the sightseeing capabilities, or maybe it’s that little bit of inner “woo” you get when you get on the chair heading up.

TURN 3: Northern Michigan University releases details on its new sports — alpine skiing, eSports (Steve Brownlee/The Mining Journal)

Marquette Mountain will be the new home of the Northern Michigan Men’s and Women’s Alpine Ski Teams starting in 2020, according to The Mining Journal.

The Marquette-based university is more known for its hockey program than it is for skiing, but the school is adding alpine along with an e-sports program.

According to the report, the school is still searching for alpine coaches for the programs, too.

I’m not the biggest racing afficionado, especially in the local ranks, but it’s exciting to see more alpine programs popping up, which undoubtedly will breed more ski lovers in the Midwest.

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