Secret’s out: Mount Bohemia cracks USA Today’s Top 10 list

Kicking Horse, Revelstoke, Squaw Valley. These resorts are obvious, clear-cut, cream-of-the-crop North American ski resorts that made USA Today’s annual top-10 list

When this list comes out every year, few don’t expect the Midwest to be mentioned, but Mount Bohemia is nothing but unexpected. 

Mount Bohemia on a deep powder day in February 2019. (Midwest Ski Journal)

Lac la Belle, Michigan’s Mount Bohemia came in at number three on the top 10 list, finishing just behind Squaw Valley (2) and Winter Park (1).

Bohemia, which features some yurts as its “base village,” two lifts and a series of buses for its on-mountain transportation and not a single snowcat in its arsenal, beat out the likes of Big Sky, Montana, Revelstoke and Kicking Horse to crack the top 5. 

I can’t say enough (although I’ve tried) about Mount Bohemia, but it was still unexpected to see it up against some world class, renowned mega resorts. 

It appears the word is out on a ski resort that doesn’t even make some maps of North American ski areas. Given where it’s located and how untamed the area still is, however, I don’t think families of six from Texas are going to be invading the UP anytime soon. 

The Mount Bohemia parking lot as the sun rises on a powder day. Car camping is always free on the UP. (Midwest Ski Journal)

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