Linking Turns: Odes to Norway, snowmakers and Wisconsin night skiing

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week. 

This week MSJ highlights an awe-inspiring look at skiing in beautiful Norway, enjoys a video tribute to snowmakers and looks at the popularity of night skiing in Wisconsin.

TURN 1: Summit to sea: Skiing under the midnight sun in Northern Norway (CNN/Rob Hodgetts)

Known more for its screaming cable news headlines, the CNN Travel section is actually a gem. This piece from Rob Hodgetts is no different.

It’s a big read, but even just the photo gallery is worth checking it out. Plus, the writing is phenomenal.

It’s a place where jagged peaks rise out of shimmering seas like snow-white shark’s teeth. Where intrepid skiers land on black-sand beaches and ski tour to serene summits.

Where leaving fresh tracks on a broad white canvas above inky black water under the midnight sun becomes standard. And where dining on fjord-fresh seafood or reindeer steaks in a cozy cabin or luxury yacht rounds off another perfect day.

Describing skiing Norway (Rob Hodgetts/CNN)

Beyond the quality of the piece, it immediately put skiing Norway on my bucket list. Granted, it’s been placed pretty far down an already long ski bucket list, but Norway’s terrain and scenery have put Midwest Ski Journal on notice.

The descriptions of the fjords, midnight sun and laps above a black sand beach are awe-inspiring. Awesome story from Hodgetts.

TURN 2: I am a snowmaker (Mammoth Mountain)

Mammoth Mountain in California averages over 400″ of snowfall a year, but they still gave a big nod to the people at ski areas that make skiing a reality for those of us who aren’t so lucky.

Yes, snowmakers are king in the Midwest. We have the cold, we have the water, but we don’t always get it from Mother Nature. That’s where they come in.

I AM A SNOWMAKER (Mammoth Mountain)

This video is a really great tribute to those hardworking men and women. Thanks to you all from MSJ.

TURN 3: Night skiing is a fun way to spend a Wisconsin winter night (Brian E. Clark/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

This is a great piece from the Sentinel that highlights Wisconsin’s night skiing scene and how important it is to those areas.

Night skiing is awesome and something i’ve come to appreciate more and more. Chasing the sun is always a good time, but there’s always a great vibe to people chasing turns under the lights.

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