Storm report: Snow totals miss low, freeze coming

When I went to bed last night, the National Weather Service had upgraded the snow totals in parts of Minnesota to 8-12 inches, but when I pulled up on Welch Village this morning it was more like 6 or 7, which was plenty to push around.

The cold, cold temps made the snow quality very nice and I enjoyed some really great laps this morning at the Village.

Beautiful, snowy morning at Welch Village. (Jan. 28)

Plenty of others were out enjoying the snow on the chilly, but sunny morning. Some folks were ditching work and some kids and families were taking advantage of the more than 300 school closures across the state.

A disappointing amount of the hill was groomed Monday morning, so tracks went fast, but their precaution is understandable.

The cats did some damage to the fresh snow Monday morning, but with miserably cold temps incoming, they needed to move fast.

That’s because the region is in for a deep, deep freeze over the next couple of days, meaning crews need to add that new snow to the base before it freezes hard in chunks.

Local meteorologists have Tuesday and Wednesday’s wind chills between -40 and -50 at times.

Not skiing weather.

In fact, hills across the Midwest have preemptively announced closures until Friday.

About half of the front face at Welch was groomed, but the other half skied smooth all morning.

The strangest part? The high temperature on Saturday is slated for 36 degrees right now. 36 degrees! That could be a 70-degree swing in three days.

As Kanye once said, “You know what the Midwest is.”

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