Linking Turns: A Black Crows short, a skiing game and cheap gift ideas

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week.

LINK 1: ‘Perks’ (Black Crows)

Black Crows has put together my favorite nine minutes of the season into this edit called “Perks.” The skiing is fun, playful and artfully shot. Save for TGR’s “Far Out,” this might be up there with my favorite production of the year. 

I’ve beat this to death, but I just love the short film format. I don’t really need much downtime in a ski film. Black Crows successfully put together some remarkable athletic performances from Nikolai Schirmer and Flo Bastian and some stunning cinematography. Loved the music as well. 

A screen grab from one of the best moments of ‘Perks.’ (Courtesy: Black Crows)

I’m in love with my pair of Black Crows, so I bring to the film that bias, but this edit is objectively good. 

LINK 2Get Ready To Waste All Your Free Time With New Mobile Game, ‘Gaper Day’ (Unofficial Networks, Barclay)

I saw this post from Unofficial Networks (one of my favorite sites on the Internet) and immediately went and downloaded the game. I’m not a gamer at all, but I burned about 30 minutes playing this. 

I’ve played some good skiing games in the past, but they seem to come and go. This one is a blast. Go get it. 

LINK 3Gifts for Skiers Under $50 (Powder Magazine, Erme Catino)

If you’re a skier, nobody can say, “I never know what to get you.” There’s always something to get a skier, no matter how small and it will be appreciated in all likelihood. 

If someone still pulls that line on you before Christmas this year, or you don’t know what to get a skier in your life, check this list out. It has some great stuff. 

Finding anything skiing-related under $50 is a challenge, but this list of socks, undies, boot dryers and hats are little gifts that could go a long way. 

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