Holiday gift guide: Ski gifts don’t have to be expensive

Skiing gifts are not cheap. Any and all equipment purchases are big ticket holiday gifts that aren’t always possible, especially in the waning days before Christmas. 

Luckily, a lot goes into making a good ski day, so take some of these suggestions to fill the stocking of your favorite skier. 

Ski gifts are so much more than just boards and boots. Go small to make your skier’s holiday this year.

Power bank

Nothing dries up your phone battery like the cold. Power banks are cheap and available everywhere. Grab one to extend that ski day and stay on the grid during your next bitter cold ski day. 

Where to find ’em: Checkout line at Target, Amazon, anywhere really.

Lift tickets

The multi-mountain season passes aren’t all still available, but if you have a skier in your life, buy them a multi-day somewhere close to them. Also, make this purchase selfishly to get people around you to go skiing with you. 

Where to find ’em: Your hill’s website.

Gift cards

If you have a skier that spends a lot of time at a certain hill, grab them a gift card to the resort or the restaurant. Feed a skier to extend their ski day or make a dent in their lift ticket.

Where to find ’em: Your hill’s website.

Goggle soc

Goggle socs help protect your unbelievably expensive goggles from the bumps and bruises that always come. Whether your jamming them in a ski bag for a flight or they’re bouncing around in the back of your car, goggles take a beating. Goggle socs are cheap and will save you money. 

Where to find ’em: Goggle soc website.

Glove liners

The extra insulation on your hands are often forgotten, but having chilly digits can ruin your ski day. Any department store has some cheap glove liners you can get last minute, just be sure to avoid getting cloth or cotton liners. You’ll want something that insulates, but also wicks moisture. 

Where to find ’em: Any department store.

Winter hat

MSJ always recommends skiing with a helmet on, but you’ll need something to don when you ride to and from the hill. Plus, when you remove your bucket for a break at the cafe or bar, you’ll need something to cover up because your hair undoubtedly looks awful. 

Where to find ’em: Ski store, department store, online. It’s a hat. Figure it out.

OpenSnow subscription

I gush about OpenSnow, but it’s the best $19 I spend every season. If someone you know loves to ski, it’s worth every penny. The subscription gives you access to constant, regionally-specific updates and the 10-day forecasts, which are crucial when planning trips from afar.

Where to find ’em:


The ski world has some top notch periodicals that you can stuff a stocking with in no time. POWDER, SKI Magazine, Freeskier and even less specific rags like Outside are so good. The content is better than ever, the photos are stunning as always and it’s a good way to get someone to read something thoughtful and smart with an entertaining angle. 

Where to find ’em: The website of any of these magazines is where to order your subscription.

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