Man dies skiing at Lutsen Wednesday

A St. Paul man died skiing at Lutsen Mountains Wednesday.

According to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, the 70-year-old was skiing alone when he died. Ski patrol found him unresponsive and bleeding from the face.

Lutsen Mountains (Midwest Ski Journal)

The incident happened just after 12:30 p.m. on Moose Mountain, just below the Moose Mountain Chalet, authorities say.

The man was taken to the ski patrol building where patrol continued giving him CPR, but he was pronounced dead at 1:15 p.m.

Jim Vick, Lutsen’s VP of Sales and Marketing, said there was no indication of a collision in the incident, so the cause of death is unclear.

This is unbelievably sad news. We feel for the man’s family. He was just trying to get some laps in on a Wednesday afternoon when tragedy struck. Devastating.

It’s also scary. As someone who often skis alone, this is a horrifying worst case scenario. Stay safe out there everyone.

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