Study: Helmet use at all-time high at ski areas

A recent study from the National Ski Areas Association shows that the vast majority of skiers and riders are protecting the ol’ melon on the slopes.

The study results, posted to the association’s Instagram, shows 85 percent of all skiers and riders are wearing helmets now.

That number skews even higher when children are polled, too.

95 percent of minors (people under 18) are wearing helmets at ski areas and 99 percent of children under 9 are wearing helmets, too.

The NSAA says these statistics constitute an all-time high in helmet use.

Observationally, this bears out at most Midwest ski areas that I see. I can’t remember the last child I saw without a helmet and most adults are wearing them, too.

Even the old-timers, the one’s least likely to change their ways, are opting for the bucket when they hit the hill.

Wear the bucket out there, folks. You’re not good enough not to.

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