Timeline tips: Some skiing Instagram favorites

Skiing Instagram is both my favorite thing and my worst nightmare.

Now more than ever, all of our favorite skiers, ski areas and ski enthusiasts are bringing the best of the ski world to us at all times. It’s beautiful.


Ski photography and cinematography have always been excellent and ski personalities flourish through the medium.

The problem is, when it snows, you are forced to know about it and the FOMO instilled in you from skiing Instagram can cut to your core.

Midwest Ski Journal is on Instagram as @MidwestSkiJournal, so you can follow us, too. To really round out your timeline though, we recommend following these accounts.

A sampling of @midwestskijournal on Instagram.

Please note this is not a comprehensive list. We are sure we’ve left off some fantastic follows. Share with us what we missed by tagging, DMing or emailing us at midwestskijournal@gmail.com.

When you follow the accounts below, make sure to go follow your local hills, too. So many Midwest hills have great feeds you will surely enjoy.


Some accounts are valuable, and you’ll see those below. This one’s worth comes from good laughs and creativity. Watch the life of a lego ski bum living it up in Aspen.


A true skiing Instagram classic, Jerry of the Day chronicles the best worst skiers out there. From the burliest crashes to the best of the best off the slopes, the guys at Jerry of the Day epitomize skiing internet.


The Pow Guide injects a pure celebration of skiing deep snow onto my timeline. There are many accounts that do this, but The Pow Guide consistently brings out the oohs and ahhs.


The truth is, so many brands are producing some of the internet’s best content on their Instagrams right now and I didn’t want to name them all. I chose Salomon Freeski because I love their look and the places they go. You won’t regret adding their posts and stories to your feed.


Similarly, ski and snowboard athletes consistently churn out engaging and awe-inspiring content. It’s just that Caston happens to be one of my favorites. His grounded and nonchalant attitude are what sets him apart. He brings a different approach and it works.


Flo Bastien is another standout athlete follow on Instagram. He is not as high of a volume poster, but the content he pushes out there is great. He’s always skiing in scenic and stunning zones. I’ll also admit that I have a thing for Black Crows, which he proudly dons.


Honestly, my introduction to SnowBrains years ago probably had a lot to do with starting MSJ. I love their website and their Instagram is a treat, too. It isn’t all just amazing powder lines (although there are plenty of those). They also travel to new and exciting places in their pursuit of skiing. This is also a high-volume follow. They post long, but high quality stories.


Powderchasers falls into the “infuriating” category of Instagram because they are always where the deepest snow falls. Their newsletter and blog is a great resource to track where the snow will fall (shoutout to PowderChaser Steve, who is also a good follow), but this Instagram shows how they did when they got there.

@minneapolisflightdeals and @thriftytraveler

On the travel side of skiing, I’d recommend following Thrifty Traveler and your local flight deals Instagram account. When great deals pop up to places like Denver, Steamboat, Calgary, Vancouver, Reno, Salt Lake City, Seattle and much more, they post them right away so you can book your next trip. My $96 roundtrip flight to and from Denver this December came directly off the Minneapolis Flight Deals account.

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