Salt Lake City is your antidote to the inconvenient ski trip

Ski trips have a lot of moving parts and sometimes the hills aren’t conveniently located. Utah is the antidote to those problems.

A recent flight deal from the fine people at Thrifty Traveler piqued our interest in Utah’s peaks.

For $167 roundtrip, United will take you from Minneapolis to Salt Lake City, although bags are extra on United, mind you.

From other places like Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit, prices to Salt Lake vary. For some reason, prices fluctuate a great deal into and out of this airport.

It’s 45 minutes to some ski resorts from the Salt Lake City Airport using public transportation. It’s an unmatched relationship between a major airport and world-class skiing. (Photo: Salt Lake City International Airport)

The Minneapolis United deal starts at the end of January and runs through March, skipping the middle spring break weeks, though.

What makes the deal most alluring is the fact that Salt Lake City’s ski transportation infrastructure can save you the expense of renting a car or taking an expensive shuttle to the hill.

Just 45 minutes from when your plane lands, you could be at the base of the hill, according to the folks at

By jumping on the Trax, which is Salt Lake’s light rail system, you can connect to the Ski Bus. That bus takes you to Snowbird/Alta and Solitude/Brighton for a one-way fare of $4.50.

If you have a season pass like Mountain Collective or IKON, you’re skiing free and your only expense is lodging and grub. If not, you’re buying your lift ticket, too.

You can also save a little on lodging by staying in or near the city and using that ski bus to pick your hill each morning.

At the hills, you’re looking at a couple hundred dollars, but just outside the city, chain hotels have rooms for as little as $70.

Whatever your plan of attack, if you can get into Salt Lake City Airport without breaking the bank, the infrastructure there makes it easy and inexpensive to ski some of the best mountains the best snow in the world.

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