Linking Turns: Lunches, Steamboat’s climate survey and a mind-bending downhill crash recovery

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week.

This week we look at new and creative ski day lunches before looking into Steamboat’s survey of its businesses regarding climate change. Finally, we watch a video of an impossible nose-butter recovery on a downhill course.

TURN 1: These Are Our Editors’ Go-To Ski Lunches (Ula Chrobak/Outside)

As someone who leans heavily on the PB&J, this list put together by Outside’s editors gave me a few new ideas for pack-your-own ski day lunches.

The resort cafeteria lunch can cost you time and money on the hill, so I’ve always appreciated bringing my own food, but the variety of those meals is lacking. Here’s one particularly interesting recommendation from the piece.

Mygo-to lift lunch is the eggadilla. First, fry two eggs, making sure to break the yolks so they don’t run all over your gloves when it’s time to eat. Then sauté whatever veg you have on hand—onion, bell pepper, zucchini, etc. Finally, stack your eggadilla on a tortilla, with a layer of cheese on the bottom, your egg and veg in the middle, and another layer of cheese on top, and then add the second tortilla. Heat the whole thing in a large frying pan, or just microwave it. Cut it into quarters, and put it in a Ziploc bag, so you can throw in your pack or even a jacket pocket. It’s portable, squish-proof, delicious, and filling.

Luke Whelan (Senior Research Editor/Outside)

TURN 2: A Recent Survey Shows Steamboat Colorado Is More Prepared For Climate Change Than Other Resorts (Nick Retterer/SnowBrains)

The city of Steamboat underwent an interesting and hopefully replicable process this week as it sought climate change-related contingency plans from its businesses.

In a meeting following the city’s survey, the city council discussed what parts of it need addressing sooner rather than later.

The council focused on the shortening of Steamboat’s ski season due to precipitation, as well as how the resort’s altitude can act as a buffer against warming temperatures. Wildfires were also a big topic, as a shorter winter season means there is a greater threat of fires during the summer. These fires can cripple Steamboat’s economy and tourism industry, as well as increase the potential for flood damage, water quality degradation, and erosion.

Nick Retterer (SnowBrains)

Why this interests me is it moves beyond the innane “is it real?” climate change argument and into the realm of, “How will this affect us going forward?” The practical framing of the issue puts it in terms that people will understand right away. It’s the city asking, “are you prepared for the effects of this?” and avoiding another non-binding resolution acknowledging that the problem exists.

TURN 3: A world championship skier pulled off one of the most incredible recoveries you’ll ever see after crashing at almost 80-miles-per-hour (Will Martin/Insider)

Just take this in.

Are you kidding me Maxence Muzaton? This is essentially an 80-mph nose butter on a downhill course. Wild stuff. Hats off.

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