Reminiscing about the once great ‘Ski Resort Tycoon’

Lost in the proliferation of the “Tycoon” games of the 2000s was perhaps the greatest PC game ever created.

The cover of Ski Resort Tycoon. (Amazon)

Ski Resort Tycoon is as simple as it sounds. Instead of a zoo or a theme park, the player builds an economically sustainable ski resort based on a few mountain templates ranging from Aspen Mountain (the smallest) to Kitzbuhel.

You can add lifts, lodges, maintenance facilities, hotels, cabins, restaurants and much more. Plus, you can manipulate the terrain, first-person ski down your own mountain and try and shoo away a yeti that sometimes roams the resort and, yes, eats your guests on occasion.

There’s something very satisfying about putting your lifts in just the right places, avoiding terrain traps and directing them to restaurants and lodging to help the resort thrive. I dare you to find a better feeling than finally achieving that 5-star resort status.

If efficient ski resort management doesn’t excite you, then, frankly, I’m amazed you’re reading these words. Congrats on your normal life, free of strange outdoor recreation business obsessions.

If you have a copy of the game or even a device with a disc drive, consider playing this wonderful game. It brought me hundreds of hours of joy as a kid and I wish I could play it again.

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