Mt. Bohemia strikes passholder agreements, flirts with snowmaking during dry start to season

Midwest skiing’s crown jewel has yet to open, leading the ski area to consider snowmaking and striking deals with other area hills to give passholders somewhere to shred.

I’d imagine the mood is tense up on the Upper Peninsula this winter as the season is hurtling toward February without a single lift ride taken at Mount Bohemia.

A powder day at Mt. Bohemia on a year when the snow was plentiful.

Boho is undoubtedly the best skiing in the Midwest, relying on hundreds of inches of natural snowfall every year. This year, however, storm after storm has just missed the hill at the tip of the Keenewuaw Penninsula and the weather pattern that usually dumps rounds and rounds of lake effect snow on the mountain hasn’t come to fruition yet.

In recent posts to Instagram, Bohemia announced partnerships with Big Powderhorn and Ski the Porkies to get its passholders riding the chairs somewhere as it had to punt on its opening weekend last weekend, with fingers crossed for the weekend of Jan. 29.

In a post this past weekend, the resort openly contemplated if snowmaking is their future. Now, Mt. Bohemia throws ideas at the proverbial wall on their Instagram all the time, including seemingly ridiculous ones. So, this could be another one of those. But they could, perhaps, be fueled by forecast-induced mania.

Still, this is something nobody wants to see from Boho. The au-natural vibe of the place is part of its charm and here’s to keeping it that way.

Luckily, OpenSnow’s forecast projects 16 new inches of snow between this writing and next weekend, when they hope to spin the lifts for the first time. Let’s hope the Lake Superior snow machine turns on and gives Bohemia a winter and looong spring to remember to help them recoup whatever they’ve missed out on so far.

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