Linking Turns: A reminder why skiing matters, parking lot camping how-to and a holiday gift guide

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week.

TURN 1: Why skiing matters (Moira McCarthy/The Boston Herald)

The Boston Herald apparently has a column called “Ski Wednesday” and this week, writer Moira McCarthy, who boasts Minnesota roots, oozed love from her proverbial pen to remind us all why this matters.

Skiing is frivolous. It cannot change the world for the better. It’s not essential. What McCarthy does in this short essay, however, is outline three reasons why it’s crucial we push on with a ski season this year, despite… (gestures broadly to the greater world)…you know.

McCarthy’s column was a much-needed reminder as to why we are forging ahead this season.

She talks about the goodness inherent in the ski industry and explains why skiing is one of the greatest forms of therapy.

There’s just something about riding up a lift, standing on a mountain peak and then cruising down that fills your soul with “yes I can.” It’s a magical elixir, and one that requires no prescription. And it works every time.

Moira McCarthy – The Boston Herald

In the same paragraph, she shouts out days of her youth spent at Afton Alps, Hyland Hills and Tyrol Basin, too. Flexing your Midwestern bonafides won’t go uncelebrated on this blog!

Ultimately, she concludes:

My answer to [why skiing matters] is simple: The struggle resorts have gone through and continue to face to be open for us all is absolutely worthy. Take up the sport, return to the sport or keep embracing it.

Moira McCarthy – The Boston Herald

TURN 2: Hacks for Ski-Area Parking Lot Camping (Bryan Rogala/Outside Magazine)

Skiing is on for 2020, but the lodging situation is tenuous at best. To avoid that precariousness, I bet more skiers and riders will be giving winter camping a try this year.

In its fantastic “The 101” video series, Outside Magazine tackles ski area parking lot camping through the eyes of two experts down in New Mexico.

 In this episode of the 101, Bryan Rogala talks with Axie Navas, director of outdoor recreation for New Mexico, and her husband, John Clary Davies, a copywriter for Avocado Green Brands, who spend weekends living in their Cricket trailer at Taos Ski Valley.

Outside Magazine

TURN 3: The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Skiers and Snowboarders (Rich Stoner/All About Apres via Unofficial Networks)

As far as ski-related holiday gift guides go, this one takes the cake. Rich Stoner, the founder of the “All About Apres” brand put together a really thoughtful list without your typical sampling of fat skis, coffee table books and boot warmers.

The list actually features some — *gasp* — affordable ideas, including those awesome drink glasses with mountains on the base. I don’t know why those are cool, but they are.

The other awesome item on this list: The apres ski slip-on boots. I have a similar pair that I swear by.

Anyway, peruse this list if you’re looking to brighten your fellow skier’s Christmas.

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