5 follows to scratch your skiing itch

When you don’t live in the mountains and skiing isn’t in front of your eyes every day, there’s always Instagram.

It’s our connection to elusive alpine life we all daydream about, but can only achieve a few times a year.

Luckily, there are people to follow in order to save our flatlander souls. Here are 5 follows to help you quench your thirst.


This is a new discovery for me, but is now a staple of my Instagram consumption.

This account seeks out and posts old-time skiing images that make me yearn for skiing in that era. The colors, the apres scene, the outfits, all of it. It’s a fantastic glimpse into the way skiing used to be before everyone was decked out head to toe in technical gear and Gore-tex.


One of my favorite Instagram updates of the last few years has been the ability follow hashtags.

There are some great ones in the skiing world, but they get littered with misappropriated hashtags or bot posts. This one, however, has remained pure and fantastic.

#skiingisfun highlights just the best moments anyone has out on the hill. You’ll find some pros on there, but it’s mostly regular people being their best selves out on the hill.

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I’ve written about this one before, but I’m re-upping because this is a great concept and even better execution.

@legoskierbro puts lego man in the best alpine, the best apres and much, much more.

He appears to be based in Aspen, so it’s a great photo tour of that area as well. Overall a wonderful follow.


If you’ve read our LINKing Turns blogs before, you’ve seen us link to Snow Brains many times before. Their Instagram is just as good as the site.

Pro skier Miles Clark is featured prominently on this page and he is prolific. This guy is getting after it every single day and skiing some of the coolest lines. It’s a lot of POV, GoPro footage and even some on those sweet Rylo cameras, too.

I always stop scrolling to watch SnowBrains’ content. Just a wonderful content operation over there. A must follow.


This one is almost purely powder porn.

Bottomless Powder posts videos of people skiing and riding the DEEP stuff. Honestly, it’s tough to watch as we scrape away our hills here in the Midwest.

Still, Bottomless Powder is a great follow to watch some great, deep content. It’s not always pros straight-lining big mountains, but rather a look at people skiing those attainable, but deep lines.

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