LINKing Turns: FWT ponies up for equality, Amie Engerbretson interview and 60 years of Mt. La Crosse

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in LINKing Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week. 

This week, we applaud the Freeride World Tour’s new prize money commitment, look deeper at the career of Amie Engerbretson and help a local ski area celebrate 60 years of operation.

LINK 1: Freeride World Tour announces equal prize money for all categories (Freeride World Tour)

An absolute no-brainer, but worth celebrating.

The Freeride World Tour will award men and women, boarders and skiers, the same amount of prize money for winning its competitions.

This is a major step forward to elevate women freeride skiing and snowboarding, and is simply the right and only thing to do for the FWT. Our women athletes have proven their engagement in the sport with huge progression showcased these last years, becoming role models for many around the world.

FWT CEO Nicolas Hale-Woods (Freeride World Tour)
Nuria Castan, a FWT Wildcard in Women’s Snowboard. (Freeride World Tour)

The prize money on this tour isn’t astronomical, so this shouldn’t be a difficult move for the FWT, but it’s important they did so.

The tour kicked off its 2020 season over the weekend in Japan, which includes a new broadcast format that will not stream the event live, but better package it afterwards for the viewing masses. (Aside: I think this makes sense. It’s expensive to livestream and the product isn’t as good when you have to wait between riders and wait out bad weather.)

LINK 2: Should Pro Skiers be Climate Lobbyists? (Powder Magazine/Jake Stern)

This headline is a little misleading.

This Powder interview focuses on the life’s work of Amie Engerbretson, but focuses a few questions on her activism with Protect Our Winters.

Engerbretson is consummately cool and her activism and media work is impressive. This is a quick read and a fun snapshot of this incredible athlete.

I don’t think a professional athlete has a responsibility to be an activist. I am one thing; I’m not a philosopher, nutritionist, a politician. Every single person on the planet has the responsibility to work for their community. But it’s weird to expect athletes to be activists just because of their number of followers.

Amie Engerbretson (Powder Magazine)

LINK 3: Mt. La Crosse celebrates 60 years of skiing and snowboarding (

A big congratulations for Mt. La Crosse in Wisconsin on this anniversary.

It opened in 1959 and has been spinning lifts ever since. Like most Midwest areas, it’s no behemoth, but these local hills serve a great purpose for skiers and riders yearning for alpine.

The story says the ski area will formally celebrate the anniversary with a party at the end of February.

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