How is this still real? Delta will fly you MSP-DEN roundtrip for less than $100

It’s a little less than 700 miles from Minneapolis to Denver, but you can fly every inch of that and back again for just $96.

I first saw this fare about two years ago now and I jumped on it, thinking there was some sort of mistake that would never be made again. Yet every few months, the terrific folks at Thrifty Traveler unveil the same deal over and over again.

It’s not like you’re flying Frontier or Spirit, either. These are Delta flights to one of the great ski hubs in the world and you can do it for less than $100.

$96 will get you to Denver roundtrip on Delta. Seriously! (Delta)

If you are a Delta Sky Miles card holder, your first bag (which includes a ski bag and a boot bag) is free, too.

A few months ago I booked this fare for 7,000 Delta points. 7,000! I barely saw a dent and am going skiing this weekend for practically nothing.

What puzzles me about this deal is how it’s possible. Honestly, it gives me a pretty grim view of why I pay so much to fly elsewhere.

Last year, for instance, it was more affordable for me to fly to Denver, rent a car and fill it will gas to drive to New Mexico (read all about it here) than to fly to Albuquerque to go skiing.

Less than 400 miles from Denver is Salt Lake City, where it will cost you nearly $400 to fly there from Minneapolis. You’re telling me those first 700 miles only cost $96, but that remaining jaunt is a value of $300?

I will never understand the airline industry, despite my constant efforts. What I do understand is that those Denver flight deals are too good to pass up.

PLUG ALERT: This is not an ad for Thrifty Traveler, but it might as well be. They do incredible work. Follow them on Instagram and go to their site where their sleuths find the best deals to get you skiing on the cheap.

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