MSJ Reviews: Sammy Carlson’s ‘OVER TIME’ was the best film of 2019

The best ski movie I’ve seen in years is seven minutes long and features just one athlete.

Sammy Carlson, CK9 Studios and Quiksilver collaborated on the film “OVER TIME”. It’s brilliantly shot and edited and Carlson’s athletic performance is a triumph.

(Sammy Carlson, CK9 Studios and Quiksilver)

The focal points of the edit are slow motion, super close-up shots of Carlson’s skis blasting through powder. One of the most indelible shots, though, has Carlson floating over and across the camera in one of the most compelling pieces of cinematography I’ve ever seen in any film.

The movie isn’t all just beauty, however. The film’s sound really sets it apart, too. It’s not just songs linked together with natural pops, “woos” or Carlson interviews. Instead, it’s all tailored exactly to Carlson’s movements in the mountains.

From breaths, to powder slashes and crashes, the sound and voiceover in make for a hyper-compelling film that pushes all sorts of boundaries of the genre. You never once hear Carlson speak and you infrequently see his face. It makes for a mysterious vibe that focuses more on the skiing than the character.

OVER TIME – Sammy Carlson and CK9 Studios

I can’t say enough, but go watch it for yourself. It’s less than 10 minutes and, if you’re like me, you’ll want so much more. (I’ve watched it a dozen times, probably.)

Carlson was no secret coming into this film, but this is the kind of film that should stick with audiences and propel him into future endeavors.

And whatever those endeavors are, we’ll be watching.

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