MSJ Rewind: Celebrate pond skip season

Don’t look now, but ski areas across the Midwest are closing fast. Especially from the Twin Cities and south, the snowpack is unlikely to make it past this warm and rainy weekend ahead.

What that means is pond skip season is upon us. For many ski areas, like Afton Alps last weekend, the pond skip is in the rearview mirror. For others, like Welch Village, the skip is scheduled for Saturday.

Died green for St. Patrick’s Day, the man-made pond sits ready for its first skier in Spring 2018. (MSJ)

Saturday is shaping up to be a stunner with highs in the 50s and sunshine, so make sure you get out there to enjoy your hill’s final days. If you aren’t traveling for more snow this year, this could be it for you.

As a primer, MSJ will take a look back at its pond skip feature from last spring. It was a bluebird, perfect day in the Cannon River Valley for Welch’s pond skim. Revisit all the sights and sounds from the day here.

A young pond skipper leaves a wake. (MSJ)
How bout a backflip with a tie on? Sure. (MSJ)

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