Linking Turns: Ski books, Tyrol Basin’s new vision and a ski rental satire

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week. 

This week MSJ looked at a list of books about skiing before diving into a newspaper feature about Wisconsin’s Tyrol Basin and its new, aggressive ownership. Finally, we read a funny list of rental skis dos and donts.

TURN 1: Between the Lines: Some Great Books About Skiing (Anais Lewett/SKI Magazine)

I can trace the rejuvenation of my excitement for reading to when I started reading books about skiing again.

I’ve read some of the books on this SKI Magainze list, but not all of them. The Warren Miller autobiography, for instance, is fantastic and worth every second. It reads fast because the subject matter is fascinating. Miller’s upbringing and young adult years shed a lot of light on the tone most of his films took on in his film career.

On this list that I haven’t read is “The Greatest Ski Runs on Earth.” I was actually gifted the coffee table book for Christmas and it sits high on my list right now.

TURN 2: New owners and an expanded vision for Tyrol Basin (Barry Adams/Wisconsin State Journal)

Wisconsin’s Tyrol Basin is just west of Madison in the southern half of the state. Like most Midwest ski areas, the resort is trying to figure out how to continue to attract increasingly distracted customers when winters keep getting shorter.

Tyrol Basin advertising for a $12 Tuesday deal under the old ownership in 2016. (@TyrolBasin)

This story, from the Wisconsin State Journal, outlines what the new owners of Tyrol Basin hope for the ski area. Ironically, those plans include becoming much more than that.

McGree’s ideas include adding a tow rope for the beginner’s hill but also more long-term plans like the addition of mountain bike trails, a haunted house in the fall and making improvements to the chalet for a year-round restaurant that could be open on weekends and better serve weddings and private parties.

McGree also has thoughts of a giant slip-and-slide and music events.

Barry Adams/Wisconsin State Journal

The owner also described his plan to build a large tubing setup, for which he has faced some opposition from locals.

Overall, a really interesting piece that reflects the aches and pains of many Midwest ski areas. It’s interesting to see the owner’s new vision beyond skiing and we are excited to see how it’s executed.

TURN 3: The Ten Basic Commandments of Ski Rentals (Brendan Leonard/Outside Magazine)

If you are looking for a serious, point-by-point breakdown of how to score the best deal or find the best rental skis…keep looking.

This article from Outside is a work of satire and cannot help you, but it is worth more than few chuckles.

Brendan Leonard writes the commandments in what I can only describe as commandment style. Here’s my favorite commandment for reference.

5. Thou shalt remove thy skis when crossing a non-snow-covered surface such as a parking lot.

Brendan Leonard/Outside Magazine

With just 10 of these, it’s a very quick read and is worth a laugh every time.

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