It’s season pass deal season. Here’s what you need to know.

I know it feels like we aren’t done with 2019 yet, but here’s why you should be ready to buy your 2019/2020 season pass this month.

Whether you like it or not, the window of our ski season (especially in the Midwest) is closing fast. As hills see the end in sight, they are offering their best prices on season passes to pad their pockets heading into the offseason.

Season pass deals as far as the eye can see. (MSJ)

Whether it’s your multi-mountain mega pass like the Ikon pass or your local hill, MSJ recommends you jump on the deals as they roll out this spring. Then, when it snows next fall, you’re all ready to go.

This will not be a comprehensive list, but we’ll provide some examples of pass deals underway. Be sure to check in on your home hill’s website and social media for deal announcements as they arise.

Mega passes

Right now, you can buy your Ikon Pass for the 2019/2020 season for either $649 (the base pass) or $949 (the unlimited pass). If you aren’t familiar, the Ikon gets you access to a ridiculous menu of ski options, including Boyne Mountains in Michigan.

The list of Ikon Pass destinations is jaw-dropping to say the least. (

Another major plus for the Ikon is, after you buy this spring, you ski the rest of this season on the pass, too. This could come in handy if you have a spring break trip planned, but some areas on this list will be open well into the spring.

Squaw Valley even announced this week that they will be staying open until July 7. JULY! Other mountains like Mammoth and June Mountains in California also had record snow years, which means they should stay open well into June as well.

The Epic Pass is also on sale for next year at a comparable $699 for the pass with restrictions and $939 for the unrestricted one. If you are an Afton Alps skier or rider, this is the pass for you obviously, as they are on the Epic Pass.

The buy-now-ride-this-spring rule is unclear on the Epic Pass, from my preliminary research.

The Mountain Collective, which allows riders to use two days at about 30 resorts around the world, is not for sale for the coming season yet. Last year, they made the pass available around the end of this month.

Local passes

As for your local hill. Jump on the first deal they offer. Most season passes will pop up at their cheapest this month or April.

For instance, my pass at my home hill will cost me $250 this month. If I were to buy it Dec. 1, it would be close to $500, and who knows if it will go up again this year.

There is one MAJOR exception, however, and that’s Mount Bohemia. Bohemia offers a $100 season pass deal in the fall (around the first Saturday of December), which gets you full access to the mountain all year. In addition, the pass gets you a day at Silverton (CO), three days at Whitefish (MT) and three days at Red Lodge (MT) which are all three incredible resorts. There’s a sampling of other options as well at lesser-known areas throughout the east and west.

Do your own research, but don’t delay. I know it’s hard to think about next season when you’re still planning trips and taking turns on good, cold snow, but it could save you a lot of money.

ALSO: Get your ski gear and equipment purchases done in the spring, too. I am my own worst enemy on this one, as I never follow my own advice, but gear is significantly cheaper in the spring and early summer.

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