‘Listen to skiing’: The sport’s best podcasts

There’s no way around it: Lengthy travel is required if you want to find steep skiing when you’re a Midwesterner.

Luckily, I’m one to enjoy the long drives or flights to the alpine and that’s due, in part, to these two podcasts I’ll recommend here.

Some music can only get you so far before the beats begin to have a lulling effect. That’s why I lean on these two podcasts to chew up a few hours and stoke my skiing enthusiasm along the way.

Low Pressure Podcast – Mark Warner

The Low Pressure Podcast puts out a new episode each Thursday.

Warner’s weekly interview show was my introduction to ski pods. The Whistler-based skier uses his home in the skiing mecca as a base to get the world’s best and most interesting skiers in for interviews.

His approach to the interviews is laid-back and his shows don’t feel over-edited. You feel like you’re sitting at a table with two people who also love skiing and you’ve just cracked a beer right along side them.

The show is now in its sixth season this year and it shows. Warner has fine-tuned the style of his show and, most importantly, the caliber of his guests. His slogan fits: “Listen to Skiing.”

His style and his guests have elevated the show, but undoubtedly the timing of the explosion of podcasts over the last half-decade has also helped.

In addition to his studio interviews, Warner has also taken his show on the road a few times, meeting the best guests where they are at SIA Convention in Denver and at the Freeride World Tour stop in Golden, B.C.

If you want a recent episode to dip your feet into, I’d recommend the Sam Kuch episode or the Marty Schaffer episode. Neither one of them were known skiers to me before the show, but I loved getting to know them over an hour with Warner.

The Powell Movement – Mike Powell

The Powell Movement releases its episodes early Monday morning. (thepowellmovement.com)

Powell’s podcast is another weekly listen at Midwest Ski Journal. His interview show also brings in some heavy hitters and doesn’t just focus on the ski world if you’re looking to mix it up.

From rollerbladers to snowboarders and everything in between, Powell conducts tight, insightful interviews about action sports athletes, focusing on their origin stories and lives.

Besides having a funny name (starting most shows with, “It’s time to talk some shit!”), Powell’s show reveals a lot about our favorite skiers by digging into their backstories, but is also consistently funny, ending every show with his “Inappropriate Questions” segment, where the interviewee’s friends submit some questions.

The show is more tightly edited and is often a shorter listen than is the Low Pressure Podcast, which is good for a shorter drive or a shorter attention span.

Powell has also taken his show on the road, doing a memorable, seat-of-his-pants episode at Red Bull Rampage.

If you want to jump into the Powell Movement, I’d recommend the Tanner Hall episode (Low Pressure Podcast also had a great sit down with Hall) or the Russell Winfield episode.

With either of these podcasts, you can’t go wrong with just listening to the next episode, either. Each subject brings their own stories to the table and Warner and Powell are both good at extracting them for our listening pleasure.

The Low Pressure Podcast drops Thursdays (unless there’s a powder day and Warner can’t edit in time) and the Powell Movement drops Monday morning.

Next time you have time to kill on the chase for the elusive alpine, queue up one of those shows and settle in.

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