Linking Turns: MN man dies in avalanche, getting paid to be bad and why millennials are ruining skiing

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week. 

This week MSJ mourns the loss of one of our own, examines the beginner’s surprisingly quick path to being a professional and the latest reason why millennials are ruining skiing.

TURN 1: Minnesota Native Dies from Injuries in New Mexico Avalanche (Associated Press/FOX 21-Duluth)

In case you missed it, one of our own died in the New Mexico avalanche last month.

22-year-old Corey Borg-Massanari, of Brainerd, Minnesota, died in the accident.

He was reportedly a college student at Colorado Mountain College in Vail and was a Midwest skier chasing his dream.

Our thoughts are Corey’s family. Be safe out there, folks.

TURN 2: Tenson Wants to Pay You, Average Skier, to Test Gear (Outside/Ariella Gintzler)

On a lighter note, a Swedish company wants to pay you to ski.

According to Outside, the skiers they are seeking should have a certain lack of skill, too.

“Very limited prior experience of skiing is beneficial but not a requirement,” the company wrote in a descriptionposted on its website. The job pays $30 an hour, plus round-trip airfare to Idre Fjäll, Sweden, lodging and food, four days of skiing, an eight-hour lesson, and a head-to-toe kit of Tenson apparel. Testers also get to bring along one friend (travel, room and board, and skiing included). The assignment: use the gear all day on the slopes and then provide feedback.

Ariella Gintzler/Outside

I’m not a great skier and I’m not a bad skier, but I’d happily take my foot off the gas to pretend I’m bad enough for a free, in fact paid, ski trip to Sweden.

TURN 3: Aspen, ski industry face challenge of replacing older, loyal skiers (Aspen Times/Scott Condon)

Millennials really do ruin everything.

According to this January story from the Aspen Times, Aspen/Snowmass can’t get the younger generations to be as loyal as our predecessors.

For our parents and grandparents, if there was a mountain setup you liked, you went back over and over.

For our generation, however, we are exposed to all these incredible places all over the world through social media and the internet. Therefore, I can plan a trip to somewhere completely new and be confident in what I’m getting.

I still have loyalty to a few places, but I prefer heading to where the snow falls. Last year I went to Jackson Hole twice and the year before that I went to Wolf Creek, Colorado twice, but I’ve also been to five other resorts out west in that time.

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