Love is just a lap away with chairlift speed dating

Two Vail-owned Midwest ski areas will give singles their shot at love next week.

Chairlift Speed Dating, offered Feb. 10 by both Afton Alps in Minnesota and Wilmot in Wisconsin, puts singles in two separate lift lines, pairing them together for the ride up the hill.

Your shot at finding love is just a lift lap away.

If things go well, the couple can ski a few laps together and head down to the lodge for a drink. If not, just ski back down to the line and get paired up with someone else to give it another shot.

Speed dating on its own isn’t really for anyone. It’s too fast and the people you meet there come from strange places.

With chairlift speed dating, you’ve already checked off a crucial box: The person you’re on the lift with wants to go skiing.

He or she wants to go skiing: check! (Wilmot Mountain Facebook Page)

The event is open to participants between 21-70 years old. Co-host matchmaking service LUMA will pair compatible love-seekers with others in their preferred age category, and the two will jump on a chairlift and get acquainted on the ride up the mountain.

Ski down together and continue your conversation in the lodge, or request a new chairlift match for the next ride up.

Stay after for a social hour following the event. Japa Salon will be on site to freshen helmet hair and provide make fixes.

Tickets are $35, rental equipment additional.

Afton Alps Facebook Page

Yes, Afton will have a matchmaking service on hand to make sure age-appropriate connections are made during the process. Also, a contracted salon will have folks looking their best.

Wilmot will also have a matchmaking service on hand to ease the situation, but they think the thrill of the shred will suffice in getting couples together.

Adventure provides a natural spark for romance, and generations of couples have met cute on snow-covered mountains. For the first year, Wilmot Mountain is hosting a Chairlift Speed Dating event to help skiing and snowboarding singles meet their mates on the mountain!

Wilmot Mountain Facebook Page

Here’s to hoping the lift gets stuck when you’re with the one. Happy dating, skiers!

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