Frigid snowstorm heads toward Twin Cities, Wisconsin

For all you snow-starved Minnesotans, your moment is going to be Monday morning. The bad news: it’s going to be a short moment.

According to the National Weather Service-Twin Cities, a snowstorm is heading toward the region that will dump between 6 and 10 inches of snow starting Sunday afternoon through Monday morning.

The further south you are, the more snow you are likely to get along this path.

As of Saturday night, Welch Village is slated to receive 1-2 inches during the day Sunday and 5-9 inches overnight. That’s on top of 3 inches they reported today and another 3 from earlier this week. (Per OpenSnow)

Welch appears to be on the front edge of where the snow will be deepest, but areas like Coffee Mill, Mt. LaCrosse, Cascade, Devil’s Head and Little Switzerland are all in the 5-10 inches range, too.

Elsewhere in the Twin Cities, OpenSnow has Hyland Hills, Afton Alps and Buck Hill at 5-10 inches as well.

Just trace amounts (and even colder air) are due for the North Shore and the UP.

Temperatures and timing

Like I said off the top, your opportunity to ski this fallen snow may be short as a possibly historic cold snap is coming towards the region like the Polar Express.

Temperatures will stay low during the snow event, then plummet afterwards heading into Tuesday and Wednesday. (National Weather Service-Twin Cities)

Temps will be skiable Sunday night and Monday morning, with wind chills in the low, negative teens. (It’s all relative, folks.)

When you look to Tuesday night’s low of -25 degrees, the hills are going to close and stay closed through Wednesday, where a low of -24 is also expected in much of the region.

By the time Saturday comes around, however, a high of 21 degrees is expected. If all that cold, cold snow sticks around, it should make for a nice day at your local hill after this storm.

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