Finally some snow for Wisconsin, other southern hills

I would suggest averting your eyes from the staggering snow totals out west this weekend and instead focus on the snowfall, however modest, that we are seeing here in the Midwest.

Southern Minnesota and the Wisconsin area saw up to a foot of snow Friday, freshening our hills for a nice weekend ahead.

The better news: Most hills in the Midwest are due for a refresher of a few inches in the next couple of days, too.

Snow to push around.

If you can brave what are very low temperatures, especially up north, you’ll have some nice days ahead of you.

As always, snow forecasts are courtesy of OpenSnow and are subject to infuriating, heart-breaking change.


The further south you are in Minnesota (we’re looking at you Mount Kato and Coffee Mill), you received close to a foot of snow Friday night.

Near the Twin Cities metro, though, it was just a trace.

Up north, it’s simply too cold for any snow to fall, with a reported temperature (not wind chill) at -5 at Lutsen Friday.

Over the next couple of days, southern hills like Welch Village and Mount Kato are looking at 2-4 inches overnight Monday into Tuesday. At Coffee Mill, the majority of the snow already fell, but they will be refreshed with another few inches overnight Monday as well.   

In the metro, Hyland Hills will see the same 2-4 overnight Monday, as will Afton Alps and Buck Hill.

Up north, Spirit Mountain may get up to 5 inches Monday night into Tuesday and Giants Ridge has a similar projection. Lutsen pulls up the rear with just an inch or two expected.


Southern Wisconsin was hammered Friday and there is more in store overnight.

Vail-owned Wilmot, for instance, can expect between 4 and 7 inches leading into Saturday and another couple-inch refresher Tuesday. Alpine Valley boasts similar projections.

At lesser amounts, places like Devil’s Head, Granite Peak, Cascade and Tyrol Basin will have some snow Friday night and see between 2 and 5 inches.


Michigan didn’t see the same big dump that Wisconsin did, but they can expect some smaller, incremental snowfalls the next few days.

Bohemia will get a few small storms, dropping a few inches a day through Tuesday, as well Ripley, Powderhorn and Indianhead. Brule’s first snow looks like Monday.

On Michigan proper, Boyne won’t see anything until Tuesday.

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