Linking Turns: Featuring Mt. Bohemia, skiing Europe cheap and the “Yoda of Ski Racing” at Buck Hill

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week. 

This week MSJ reviews an old feature about Mt. Bohemia and why it’s one of the best in the Midwest. Then, we dive into ways you can ski in Europe without paying too much. Finally, we look at a profile of a ski racing legend named Erich Sailer and his impact on Minnesota skiing.

TURN 1: Passing Through: Mount Bohemia (Abbie Baronian/Powder Magazine)

This Powder feature from 2015 is old, but it’s the best look at Mt. Bohemia out there (until MSJ gets there this winter!).

Bohemia is high on MSJ’s list of places we have to get to in the Midwest and this Powder piece only further stokes that fire.

Mount Bohemia, a home-grown resort in northern Michigan, capitalizes on an average 270 inches of snow and consistently freezing temperatures. Lake Superior surrounds Bohemia on three sides, providing more than just lake-effect storms. The bluffs and unique topography of the Keweenaw peninsula, an offshoot of the Upper Peninsula, give Bohemia over 900 feet of vertical—more than any other resort in the Midwest—and is also home to the region’s first cat-skiing operation.

Powder Magazine, 2015

TURN 2: Getting piste on the cheap: Europe’s best budget-friendly ski resorts (Anika Isalska/Lonely Planet)

Of course, it’s not cheap to get to Europe in the first place, but if you ever take a ski trip there, or just a trip with some skiing, you can find reasonably priced turns thanks to this story.

Lonely Planet highlights ski areas in Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria and France.

Despite being a well-oiled machine of the winter sports industry, the core of Sauze d’Oulx village has kept its charm: cobblestoned and lined with trattories pouring out Piedmont wine to accompany polenta with rabbit, deep-fried vegetables and other northern Italian fare. Self-catering apartments offer the best value, with week-long stays close to Clotes chair lift costing less than €600.

Lonely Planet, 2019

All ski areas have their own flavor, but in Europe, it’s a flavor unlike any other. MSJ took a trip that involved some skiing to Switzerland a few years ago and it was fantastic. The experience there isn’t so commercialized and the people there are the finest characters you’ve ever met.

TURN 3: 93-year-old Minnesota ski racing pioneer trains the next generation at Buck Hill (Maury Glover/FOX 9)

Finally, local TV station FOX 9 spent an evening at Buck Hill with ski racing legend Erich Sailer.

The 93-year-old can still ski and does so almost daily in the winter. He runs the Buck Hill ski racing team and has done so since he moved to the Midwest decades ago.

He came to the U.S. from Austria and now calls Minnesota home.

Sailer grew up and became a professional skier in Austria, where skiing is the number one sport. He helped bring it to the masses when he moved to the United States in the 1950s.

He and some friends started the country’s first summer ski camp in Mount Hood, Oregon before he moved to Minnesota in 1969 to help find skiers to fill his camps out west.

FOX 9, 2019

It’s a great profile and a nice story from FOX 9 about the man at least partially responsible for getting Lindsey Vonn on skis.

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