Linking Turns: Abandoned hills, your ski film checklist and a nod to Grand Geneva

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week. 

LINK 1: Abandoned (The Road West Traveled)

A screengrab from “Abandoned” during a trip to Geneva Basin Ski Area in Colorado. (Abandoned/The Road West Traveled)

This was a project announced last fall along with a crowd-sourcing campaign. It appears enough people liked the idea as they released the 23-minute film this year.

Love a good birds-eye, drone, skin-track shot. (Abandoned/The Road West Traveled)

The idea is simple. There used to be 200 ski resorts across Colorado and now there are only 30. Why did they close and what has happened to them since?

The folks at The Road West Traveled put together this fun film looking at the old resorts, talking to the former employees and talking to the current backcountry-goers.

LINK 2: Nominees Announced for 19th Annual Powder Awards (Powder Magazine)

As you probably know, the Powder Awards have come and gone. The winners have been announced. So, this is a spoiled list in that regard.

However, this list is useful for me as a checklist for ski films during the year. I make a point of watching as many of these projects as I can, but even if you don’t, this list can help you pick and choose a few of the pictures held in the highest regard each year.

If you are staying in during the holidays, or during the inevitable three-week Midwest cold snap that looms in January, use this list to guide your viewing.

LINK 3: Grand Geneva Resort, WI Is The Perfect Place To Learn & Progress As A Skier or Snowboarder (SnowBrains)

SnowBrains published this post about Wisconsin’s Grand Geneva Resort right before Christmas this month. The SnowBrains blog (an MSJ favorite) used mostly Grand Geneva-curated information as evidenced by the press release included at the bottom, but we are always happy to highlight a Midwest hill.

You won’t find anything especially challenging at Grand Geneva, but what makes it notable is its location.

Lake Geneva has long been a hot spot for Chicagoans and southern Wisconsinites given its proximity to two major cities. It’s 45 minutes from Milwaukee and 90 minutes from Chicago.

MSJ has an unapologetic Upper Midwest bias, so we are happy to show some love to our readers in the “south.”

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