Linking Turns: Vail’s effect on Afton, skiing apps and Jackson Hole royalty

Midwest Ski Journal likes to highlight a few pieces of skiing internet worth your time in Linking Turns. Find the best, most important, least important and otherwise links here each week.

LINK 1: Vail Bought My Hometown Hill. Here’s What Happened. (Corey Peterson/Powder Magazine)

The big boys of the ski industry aren’t all bad according to this writer’s review of Vail’s takeover of Afton Alps here in Minnesota.

Peterson outlines the changes made at Afton Alps now that Vail has had its claws in it for a few years now. The bottom line is the hill has nicer things and a higher price tag.

It makes us wonder what would happen if Alterra sunk its talons into a hill like Buck or Welch Village here in Minnesota and what that would look like. Overall, a must-read for Midwest skiers. If this is the future, then it isn’t all so bad, according to Peterson.

LINK 2: 7 Apps That Will Make This Your Best Ski Season Ever (Brian Rogala/Outside Magazine)

The ski industry knows its customers are mobile and because of that, skiing-specific apps are more and more abundant. This is a handy list of seven of them that can help enhance your ski day.

Snow tracking, flight deals, lift ticket deals, ski trackers and much more are featured on this list. Many of the apps are free, but the few paid ones are very cheap.

LINK 3: Kings and Queens of Corbet’s returns for 2019 (Jackson Hole Mountain Resort)

(Photo credit: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort)

For Jackson fans out there, this is fun, welcome announcement. Last year, Jackson’s best gathered atop the legendary run to compete for the crown. This year, they’re running it back.

Take a look at last year’s edit from the fun, laid back, but BIG event and see what’s in store for this winter.

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