Freedom: A man and his van

Loading. 2:15 pm Central time.


It begins. 2:30pm Central time.


No looking back. 5:44pm Central time.


Sun sets in North Dakota to arise in Montana. 6:15pm Central time.


Dinner stop in Fargo. 7:30pm Central time.


Late night fill-up. 10:00pm Central time.


Rural North Dakota nights. 2am Central time.


Strategy session for the ski day ahead. 6:00am Mountain time.


We are here and so is the snow. 8:00am Mountain time.


The wanderer rests after a night behind the wheel. 6:30am Mountain time.



Readying. 9:00am Mountain time.


Stacking up deep in Whitefish. 9:30am Mountain time.


Crows ready to fly. 9:45am Mountain time.


Recapping a long journey. 4:00pm Mountain time.

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