Thaw incoming

It’s been a rough two weeks for Midwest skiers as temperatures have plummeted, but an uptick is on the horizon as soon as Wednesday.

Warmer temperatures and even…*gasp*… sun will return to the Midwest this week. (Metro Creative Images)

If you’re chasing some sun this week, you’re in luck as temperatures as high as 40 on Wednesday and sunny skies Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday this week could make your local hill a little more welcoming.

In Minnesota, a high of 40 and a low of 20 is expected, making for pleasant skiing conditions during the day and evening that day, according to forecasts.

Over the weekend, temperatures will be lower on Saturday, although remaining in double digits, and higher on Sunday, reaching the mid-30s. Both days will be sunny, however, which will warm things up as well.

West update

Finally Colorado is seeing some white stuff as many resorts out there scored a foot or more this weekend with more on the way mid-week.

Unfortunately, while snow will fall during the week, there won’t be much new snow heading into the weekend, making a chase tough.

Utah looks to get into the mix Thursday night, so if you can ditch work Friday that could be promising.

Of course, the Pacific Northwest looks to have a nice weekend storm, but it’s not the easiest chase, as evidenced by this previous post.

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