Wish you could watch skiing like a sports fan? You can.

Many skiers wish they could watch skiing like traditional sports. If you’ve been watching the Freeride World Tour, though, you already do.

This week, Freeride World Tour, a big mountain freeskiing traveling competition, hosted two events live from Kicking Horse in British Columbia. The first was the Kicking Horse stop on the tour and the other was the cancelled and rescheduled Hakuba, Japan tour stop.

A rider tackles the course in Verbier this year during a Freeride World Tour stop. The tour is in Kicking Horse, British Columbia this week.
(Photo : thomasbekker.com)

Both events, held yesterday (Monday) and this morning, were beautifully shot, expertly commentated and combined all of the beats of traditional sports viewing to the style and ease of skiing and snowboarding.

For those not familiar with the Freeride World Tour (FWT), an international pool of athletes qualify through smaller events scattered across the world, bringing together the world’s best male and female skiers and snowboarders.

The events happen in “windows” where the competition can be held weather permitting. This means fans must watch social media or stay tuned to their website to make sure they catch the event live, but it’s all archived on YouTube and on their website as well.

Simply, FWT is fun and easy to watch. The athletes are on top of their game and it’s a competition format that works for skiing. The broadcast quality is top notch, making it easy to appreciate the incredible talent of the athletes.

FWT has produced two major broadcasts in the last few days, so if you’re pining for some skiing in the next few frigid days, I would recommend checking out Monday and Tuesday.

Stay with the tour this year and support the FWT. It’s important to stoke excitement around skiing in North America. While FWT won’t be scheduling any stops in the Midwest, if you’re a skiing fan, it deserves your attention. They are doing incredible work and make it as easy as possible for your viewing pleasure.

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