Soft Saturday: Sneaky good day in Minnesota

After a truly horrible, icy, frigid day earlier this week, my expectations were low heading into the weekend, but then it wouldn’t stop snowing.

Even better news: there’s more to come.

The snow this weekend surprised, but even more is forecasted for late this week. (Midwest Ski Journal)

Early Saturday afternoon, as the snow fell hard in Minnesota, temperatures lingered in the 20s, making a ski day a real possibility. I headed out to Welch Village for the afternoon where I was greeted with soft turns all over the hill.

The snow fell all day but so did the temperatures. We were on the chair at 3:30 and by 5pm temps had dropped about 15 degrees. During what amounted to a two-hour visit to the hill, we made tracks on nearly every chair, finding soft turns everywhere.

I like the 50 percent rule when it comes to determining if you had a good ski day. If 50 percent of your turns on a Midwest day were good turns, then it’s a win. Yesterday was surely a win.

We don’t sleep on 2″ of snow here in the Midwest. Nobody appreciates it like we do.

Eyes on Thursday

As of this posting Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl, some Minnesota resorts are looking 1-2″ during the day Thursday and another 2-4″ falling overnight, according to OpenSnow.

That means late Thursday night turns or early Friday morning turns should be the softest.

I would recommend an early start at work tomorrow morning to earn some favor with your coworkers as they stroll in late with residual hot wing sauce still burning their lips from their Super Bowl party. That way, when you stroll in late covered in snow Friday morning, you’re even. Free advice. Take it or leave it.

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